Liftup young lives

EXCITING NEWS!  LiftUp Young Lives joins Ready for Life Brevard as A Life Skills Program in January 2022.

LiftUp has been serving the Brevard community since November 2017 and is a two-semester program of 15 weeks.  Teachers and mentors provide an educational experience to empower teens and young adults aging out of foster care, experiencing homelessness, and rescued from human trafficking.  Through the semesters and their Pillars of Success, LiftUp Young Lives helps young people realize their potential and teaches them the tools they need to succeed in life.

Pillars of success

Social Skills 

Building relationships is a crucial part of life and can sometimes be a challenge. In Semester 1, LiftUp incorporates the book “Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using The Slight Edge” to help young people in the program learn good social habits. These habits will help build social growth as well as give ideas on how to promote good self-evaluation, reflection, and self-improvement in everyday life.

Leadership & Professionalism

We want to help young adults become young professionals and leaders.  Through assigned mentors and two semesters of LiftUp, students will learn how to present themselves in the business world and how to be viable candidates to potential employers. The program incorporates the importance of first impressions, resume building, presentation skills, leadership, and others. 

Life Skills 

Everyday life can be hectic with many conflicting responsibilities. It is important that students not only learn the different skills needed, but also how to put them into practice in everyday living.  Topics such as Attitude is Everything, Habits Are Powerful, and Living Healthy and Well, introduce many concepts not taught in a typical school setting.

Financial Independence

Money makes the world go around and the adults committed to LiftUp are keenly aware of it. In this day and age, earning money is not good enough, students have to be good stewards of what they earn. Through the LiftUp program, students will learn the concepts of spend, save and share.   It is important to be fully prepared for the financial world and the responsibility that goes along with it. LiftUp teaches the importance of budgeting, getting and staying out of debt, building credit, investing, etc. This will give students the ability to thrive in the financial market instead of just staying afloat. 

Classes begin

March 10, 2022

Classes meet Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm

A meal is also provided during this time

To apply, complete the application here.

When students complete the first semester, they receive the gift of a laptop computer.  Upon graduation from Semester 2, they earn a good used car.  These gifts are to enable them to go to college or trade school and to have the necessary transportation to work to become financially self-sufficient.

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