​How much should I budget for household expenses?

Are you having a hard time paying bills on time, or can’t seem to save enough money to get a car or furniture? There are experts who will help you figure out a plan, and there is no cost to get this credit counseling. Simply call Tampa Bay CDC to set up an appointment. To reach a counselor at Tampa Bay CDC:


How often should I clean my refrigerator?

While living in foster care, you may not have had to worry about home maintenance and repairs. Living on your own, this is a skill you’ll have to learn. Speak to your landlord or housing provider to agree on what home maintenance each party will be responsible for as the need arises.


It’s always a good idea to learn the basics of home maintenance and repair and how to react in an emergency situation.


There are several internet resources available:


Youtube videos on multiple topics


Home Maintenance Guide

​​​Where can I learn what resources are available in my area?

​​Looking for some extra curricular activities?  We have provided you with various neighborhood family centers, rec centers, and skate parks locations throughout the community.

St. Petersburg


Pinellas Park



Is there a helpline I can call for advice?

If you need help finding something or would like more information about our program, please contact:

Ready For Life, Inc.
300 31st St. North, Suite 565
St. Pete, FL 33713


(727) 631-1778


How do I get a checking/saving account?


Online Tools

FDIC: Money Smart - For Young Adults.

Bank on St. Petersburg

On August 21st several community partners, including fourteen banks and credit unions celebrate the beginning of Bank on St. Petersburg.  It is estimated that 18,300 households in St. Petersburg do not have a banking relationship.  Using non-bank check cashing services averages $40 per pay check which puts an added strain on family budgets.

Most of the participating banks are offering accounts with no minimum balance or maintenance fees as well as "second chance programs," for individuals who have written bad checks in the past.

Bank on St. Petersburg can be the first step for the unbanked population as they begin to move themselves toward financial independence, debt reduction and wealth generation.  Visit www.bankonstpete.org  to find out about participating banks and credit unions as well as the accounts and services they offer.

More information on the products and services offered by Bank on St. Pete, including a list of participating banks and credit union locations, is available at www.BankOnStPete.org or by calling 211.


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